Watts Statue, West Park

Watts Statue, West Park, Southampton Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Southampton: Watts Statue, West Park.
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photograph of Watts Statue, West Park

Watts memorial (Watts Park) statue of the famous Composer of Hymns Isaac Watts unveiled 1861.

West Park, Southampton, also known as Watts Park after the monument of Isaac Watts which occupies a central position. The present park layout is based upon the east-west axis that was established in the mid 19th Century.

Originally West Park had one focal point, the Watts monument, but the Cenotaph was added in 1920 on the eastern edge of the park. The east-west path links the two monuments and then continues further west until it divides and leads to two entrances in the north-west corner and at the western end of the park. The sculpture 'Enclosure'(by Paul De Monchaux, 2000) was commissioned under the Heritage Lottery Fund scheme. The four metre high stone sculpture frames four skyline landmarks in and around West Park.

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Map of Southampton showing the location of Watts Statue, West Park at Latitude 50.909570 / Longitude -1.406250.
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